Life in a Blue Suit

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When naval officers were a little more familiar with the Bible (and before there were so many versions of the bible to chose from!), it was fashionable when sending a signal (message) to another ship, to add a clever biblical reference or perhaps even to send the reference itself which often allowed brevity (for example, when commiserating with a fellow Commanding Officer, one might just send 'Ecclesiastes 9v8' which would translate to 'Always look happy and cheerful'.

Over the years these were collected by the communicators. When I got to command MONOWAI in 1989 I was given a number of these quotations which had been entitled 'ATP1 Volume 3' (Allied Tactical Publication ... there are of course only 2 official volumes) and with the assistance of a friend, Rev B J Denholm, set about to enlarge the collection.

With apologies to those who compiled the originals, ATP Vol1 Chapter 3 is made available here in pdf form for those who might find a use for it in this modern day and age.


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